My first Botany Journal post… hope you like it!

Japanese Cypress

Earlier this afternoon, I drove out to Long Island for a doctor’s appointment… which recently moved to a new location. It was a beautiful, warm day – and I thought I’d do a little exploring before heading back to the city. I was totally surprised to discover a botanical garden literally next door to the office building!

The Clark Botanic Garden is located in Albertson, NY – about 40-45 minutes outside of NYC. It’s a small collection, featuring some mix of annuals and perennials – but what really struck me was their conifer collection, which included a few species that I haven’t seen before. In addition to their Japanese cedar, my favorite was the Longleaf Pine, the individual needles of which must have easily been 7″ long!

They’d had some damage from the heavy rains from the day before – in fact, part of the path had washed out and their English maze looked like something may have fallen on it – but it didn’t stop their bee colonies from doing what they do best! With all of the annuals along the main path and at the entrance, I’m sure they were very “bee-zee”. (Sorry!)

Longleaf Pine


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