Summer’s bounty

My cousin and her husband have a great little house out in South Orange, NJ, which they share with their two sons.

Every time I head out there, I’m asked my opinion on how their plants are doing, and what I think should be done to plants that seem to be ailing. I try to demure, since I’m still just learning – but I do my best!  It gives me something to work on… And, it’s kind of nice to be asked!

This time, we took a look at their holly bushes, rhododendrons and peonies at the front of the house, which sit in bright shade for most the day. The peonies were easy:  They had powdery mildew on them and I recommended that they consider moving them to a sunnier spot. The holly and rhodis are simply getting to leggy and large for the front of the house, so they’re considering cutting them down.

What I thought was an interesting use of the front yard is Walter’s vegetable garden – positioned right at the edge of the sidewalk, where it receives the most light they have available. It could be an unattractive thing, but he’s done a great job of laying it out and using attractive materials, so no one can complain… except maybe the rabbits!

Today, he pulled out a giant eggplant – really beautiful aubergine, with narry a spot or blemish on it! Made me wish I liked eggplant… and he also had beans, peas, tomatoes, and a couple of types of squash under way… nice little addition to the family meals!


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