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The Aftermath

I was incredibly shocked and saddened to see the amount of damage at NYBG by the recent hurricane… perhaps one of the most dramatic examples was of the 100+ year old black oak in the parking lot. It apparently hit the research building, miraculously glancing off and creating just a small dent in the roof line. When it finally came to rest, I was amazed to see how small the root mass was, proportionate to the size and age of the tree. Notoriously persnickety, I was surprised to see that it had taken root against a major rock formation – thus not allowing it to drive down a tap root. Instead, a network of fairly small roots had fanned out and filled the limitations of the space the rock allowed the tree. It’s incredible that the tree had grown to the size and age that it had; it probably should have fallen down many years ago.

Feel the heat!

Can you believe it… snow just a few days ago – and today, the temperatures hit 65+ degrees! It’s no wonder the plants are going a little haywire…

Smoke on the water…

Driving up the Henry Hudson Parkway this morning towards NYBG, and as I looked over the Hudson River, I realized that it was completely socked in with fog. Not entirely surprising, given the unseasonable warm temperatures with more typical river conditions. Wish I could stop and take a picture… but not wise when you’re behind the wheel on a 2 lane bridge!

Snow on the Palisades… snowflakes blooming in the garden!

I’m so glad to see that some of the snow is still hanging on, despite the much warmer temperatures. All along the west side of Manhattan, I can glimpse the whiteness clinging to the tops and ridges of the Palisades.

Ironically, the warm weather is prompting several plants to bloom at the Garden… today I was blown away by the hardy camellias!

First snowfall of the season

Looks like the Nor’easter has arrived… and, while they projected just a chance of snow… it looks like the first snowfall of the year has finally arrived at 1:55pm!

I sincerely hope that this won’t be as bad as last year… the trees are still fairly leafed out – though not nearly as much as 2011. I’m sure there’ll be some trees that are already weakened by the hurricane – so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

What’s in bloom

Just walked through Central Park today – and the trumpet honeysuckle is in bloom! Pretty touch of pink and green, especially since a lot of the leaves have been blown off by Sandy.

There is another plant that is blooming, closer to the 79th Street crosstown drive (@ 5th Avenue) that I’m going to have to look up. Seems it might be similar to a rhododendron, since it’s a sizeable bush, with leaves that appear to be the same color and shape… just have to do it when I’m not on the bus or sitting in the back of a cab!

First time this year!

Just heard the news: Today is the first day when temperatures have dipped below freezing since March 2012. Very interested to know how this compares to years past…