The weather outside is frightful…

Well, maybe not THAT bad… but it is the first day when the temperatures finally feel like they’re falling. It’s still very windy today… so I took the hubster and the inlaws to the Museum of Natural History.

First, I couldn’t believe the size and quantity of trees that had fallen in the park area along 81st Street! Huge trees… but all with incredibly small root balls. I marvel at how they’ve managed to eke out an existence from the rocky landscape that is Manhattan!

But all of the upended, cut-down tree, nothing was as incredible as the trunk that’s on display in the Museum!  There is a horizontal slab cut from the Mark Twain Redwood in the late 1800’s – they estimate from the rings, that the seedling likely started in 550AD. They just don’t make ’em like that any more!


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