A great escape!

Ah, the August days of summer are upon us… and while droves of us flee to the country, the lakes, or the coast as frequently as we can to escape the concrete oven, there are still many of us who recognize the importance of creating a little urban oasis for ourselves for those times when we’re land-locked.

And sometimes it means “little” quite literally! Get ready to be impressed: Following are a couple of images of  a friend’s outdoor retreat… built on his fire escape.

For those of you who don’t live in the city, we’re talking about a space that is approximately 3.5′ to 4′ wide by about 15′ long. Talk about maximizing one’s space!

For this former Broadway performer, there’s nothing “Miserables” about this petite garden… and I salute him by shouting from the “Rampart(s)” that he’s achieved a remarkable and inspirational retreat!


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