Just need to (app)ly yourself…!

I’m just came across a really fantastic app, courtesy of Manhattan Users Guide:

Green Sky Designs, a landscape design firm based in Brooklyn, has created GardenSpace NYC with the purpose of “strengthening relationships between New Yorkers and their urban ecosystem,” according to the firm’s principal Kate Belski. Specifically, you get a guide, sorted by neighborhood, to large parks and small community gardens, each with a thoughtful essay and rundown of the facilities. So far, it’s Manhattan only, though they plan to expand to the rest of the city. It’s $1.99, buy here.”

I find these kinds of apps refreshing; as a city dweller, it’s so important to treasure what green space we have… and this is a great way to locate these vibrant jewels!

And be sure to take a look at the Green Sky Designs website for additional inspiration for transforming your cityscape into a landscape! In addition to a library of past projects, there’s also a “plant palette” of gorgeous photos that showcase their favorite plants – hopefully, they’ll be adding the plant names to the images, too.


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