A Peek at Peekskill Color

Even with Sandy fast approaching, nothing is going to stop us from heading up the Hudson for an afternoon motorboat excursion. While “peak” leaf-peeping was probably last week, there’s still quite a bit of color closer to the water’s edge… vibrant orange, gold, red, crimson set off by evergreen conifers.

The weather originally called for full sun, but it’s just slightly overcast with the sun coming in and out all afternoon. You can really feel the moisture in the air – in fact, we saw an incredible sight today:  THREE individual rainbows all at once!  One arched across the sky as you would normally see one; the next was a highlight on the side of a neighboring cloud… the last was the most unusual:  Directly overhead, in almost a perfect circle!

On the side…

…and way up high!

Other unexpected and delightful sites included waterfalls running on either side of West Point –

There is a lot of flotsam and jetsam in and along the river, which is running quite brown with silt due to the rains that came earlier in the week; the crew told us that it was perfectly clear last weekend!

You can tell that the storm is definitely being anticipated to be a bad one:  West Point not only had all of their sailing academy boats hoisted out of the water – they were also transported up to the top of the ridge! Even our crew is preparing for the worst: They’re cutting their season short (we’re the last group!), so they can take their boat out of the water today.


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