Great Quote

“A penny for the plant – but a pound for the preparation.”

I believe this is attributed to Colen Campbell, who designed Stourhead in the U.K… and as I sit here, bent over the treepit in front of my apartment, it seems completely apt!

After taking the Tree Pits class at NYBG, I learned that I had planted ours in a way that was not healthy for the tree: I placed an 18″ raised bed around the trunk of the tree and filled in soil up to the trunk. While it was great for the daffodil bulbs I planted, I learned that I could be damaging the tree itself… so I bought a hardier raised bed – and then filled it in IN REVERSE.

Now, there’s a ring of soil around the exterior of the pit, with the soil line once more aligning with the tree trunk’s flare. Today, I planted it with bright yellow chrysanthemums – and the literally brighten the entire block!

My reconstructed tree pit!

An interesting thing, though – I’ve come to appreciate how hardy gingkos are:  My tree had shot out roots from the soil-covered trunk, 6″ above the flare!  Just goes to show you… nature takes care of its own!


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